Take a soak and relax babe - you deserve it!


Indulge, Relax, and Enjoy with Southwest Bath & Beauty

Today, we have stressors all around us.  Whether it's work, school, children, or other life issues, we all need a way to de-stress and detox; and, we cannot think of a better way!  Imagine...

  • Running a warm bath;
  • Dropping a SWBB bath bomb into the bath; 
  • Slipping into the warm bath and experiencing the delightful scents, incredible fizz and fabulous colors; 
  • Lying back with your eyes closed; 
  • Creating a relaxing, luxurious bathing experience for yourself. 

The first step to the above de-stress, detox plan is to order one (or more) of our bath bombs. 

To start this plan now; we invite you to visit the Southwest Bath & Beauty Web Store, make your bath bomb purchase and experience your own "Indulge - Relax - Enjoy" timeout!