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A little bit about Southwest Bath & Beauty (SWBB)


Southwest Bath & Beauty Products, LLC, (SWBB) is a family owned and operated business located in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona. It is our mission to create a wonderful bath experience for our users. Each design is handcrafted with a unique scent and a beautiful distribution of color. Our bath bombs have a level of fizz ranging from slight to bubbly depending on the design.

Our Promise to You: Southwest Bath & Beauty promises to use the highest quality ingredients in our bath and beauty products. 

As you know, it is no secret that not all Bath Bombs are created equal. We spent two years developing our own product proprietary blend which we are proud to announce will thrill even the most experienced user. Each of our bath creations are handmade and have been tested to ensure you have an amazing bath experience. 

The addition of a Bath Bomb to your bath is certainly a delight; however, the benefits of using these types of products are believed to go far beyond that. Each of our bombs have a combination of essential oils, fragrance oils, salts, oils and butters with their own set of benefits believed to aid in a multitude of natural remedies depending on the ingredients used. For more information, please visit the Benefits tab within our Website.   

(Psst) SWBB has a secret to share with you!


Southwest Bath & Beauty Bath Bombs are Fabulous, Fragrant and Fizzy!

Our bath bombs float across the water all the while fizzing, disbursing lovely colors and fabulous fragrances. We create a wonderful product that will delight bath users each and every time. 

SWBB offers a wonderful variety of superior bath bomb and other bath products to cover any occasion.  Whether you are looking for something for yourself, for that special someone, or a gift for a family member or a friend, we have something for everyone.  

And for those diehard bath warriors out there, we offer a monthly SWBB FABox subscription. As a member, you will receive a special delivery of bath bombs once a month. To join this monthly service, visit our Web Store and select the Bath Bomb Gift Sets; from there you can select and become a member of the SWBB FABox. Don't wait, join today.

SWBB Product Satisfaction


We want you to be completely satisfied with your bath bomb experience. 

All the ingredients we use have been approved for use in bath and beauty products. 

Our finished products have been tested by humans, not animals! Each product goes through extensive testing by our family, employees and then by a group of volunteer testers to ensure a superior bath product has been developed before it is given our stamp of approval and released for consumer use. 

If you have questions about our products, please email us at Shop@SWBB.us or give us a call directly!