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Roots & Salts

The Dead Sea


Dead Sea salts are obtained naturally from evaporating sea water.  These types of salts are made up of magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride and bromides.  These waters were made famous by the ancient Egyptians.  People traveled far and wide to visit the Dead Sea region to partake in a daily sea soak.

Roots & Salts claim to have many benefits, see below:



  • Natural deodorant,
  • May aid to heal rashes, 
  • May aid skin feel silky and smooth,
  • It may absorb moisture on feet to aid with Athletes foot,
  • May make hair feel softer and smoother as it absorbs excess oils; and,
  • May aid with healing blemishes on skin.

Epsom Salt


  • Best absorbed through the skin,
  • Relaxing soak may aid with sleep,
  • May relieve pain from sore muscles,
  • May aid to heal cracked feet, 
  • May relieve itchy skin from bug bites, or from athlete’s foot, and fungus,
  • May aid to exfoliate the skin; and, 
  • May aid with the removal of splinters with soaking area for 20 min and then removing them.

Himalayan Salt


  • May aid to re-energize body by detoxification and mineral absorption to hydrate the skin; making the skin silky & smooth,
  • May reduces inflammation and soreness,
  • May aid with headaches
  • May relieve insomnia and sleep problems
  • May stimulate blood circulation.
  • May aid in the relief of muscle pain and aches; and,
  • May aid in the relief of stress.

Magnesium Flakes


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Sea Salt


  • May aid with skin moisture,
  • May reduce muscle pain and stiffness,
  • May aid with circulation,
  • May relieve arthritis pain, psoriasis and acne,
  • May aid with the exfoliating of skin,
  • May improve electrolytic balance of body,
  • May aid with relaxation,
  • May rejuvenate skin by moisturizing it; and,
  • May aid with the relief of inflammation on skin as bug bites, treating hives or rashes.